Board Communication – May 2020

Dear members, future members and the Community, I can only tell you how relieved we are that we finally have a date for coming out of hibernation and reopening the Kahibah Sports Club scheduled now for the 15TH JUNE.

Firstly, I would like to thank our wonderful staff, led by Chris, voluntarily standing down through this crisis and still volunteering time to ensure the club met all legal requirements required by legislation. The process to firstly hibernate the club and now to re-open was and is a rather large and tedious process as most people would realise, so please be patient.

During these testing and trying times our team of staff have stayed loyal to the Club for which we are extremely grateful and look forward to seeing their happy faces again as I am sure all of our members will too.

Things will be different when opening and hopefully in the near future there will be more restrictions lifted and life will start to come out and return to some normality. But in the meantime, we ask ALL members and guests to please adhere to the staff directions as they are following strict instructions and guidelines for the safety of everyone. There are no 3 strikes when it comes to non-compliance of government limitations and we ALL lose. Trading hours will be the first thing most will notice but this is necessary to ensure our viability; Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain.

The Board has approved the purchase of new furniture and fixings to give the club a fresh new look and feel. This process will take 12 to 14 weeks so stay tuned and look out in the near future. These improvements will further enhance the works, painting and repairs, completed by the illustrious hibernation crew.

As a board we are looking forward to the return of our sponsors and sporting support base, corporations and functions participants to ensure the long-term future of Kahibah Sports Club.

The hard sell: The Club Membership fees are currently due and shortly we will have an online (being tested) method for payment and of course over the bar when we open. The call is out for all members if due then please renew.

The Club AGM currently may be postponed (restrictions) but this will be announced by the board as soon as we feel there will be no hurdles or issues to overcome.

In the meantime, please stay safe and we look forward seeing you in the not too distant future.

Our Goal is to remain operative, stable and a service to our members and community.


Embracing, Supporting and Partnering with our Community


Bill Bromfield

Chairman KSC

On behalf of the Board, Kahibah Sports Club.