Board Communication – June 2020

Well hasn’t hibernation been a fun time, no toilet paper, rice, flour or draught beer. Eventually we have been let out with restrictions, only to be confronted with a cyberattack on Lion Nathan breweries and not only interfering with the beer supplies but also their brewing thus causing a shortage of the good stuff.

During the shortage our executives have done a massive job in steering the reopening of the Club. Hats off to Graham for the background work and continually chasing and attaining supplies from other sources including generous clubs who managed get supplies before the attack.

To our Staff who volunteered to stand down’ prior to the jobseeker and job keeper programs were introduced, who willingly came in to close down the club, do maintenance and enhancements to the club and again return to prepare the club to come out of hibernation. Our executive have reduced their hours and include job sharing to try to give our club a solid start and get up and running again. The staff also completed the COVID 19 course to be familiar with the Health Department and LGR requirements. To the bowlers of the club we were one of few who maintained greens for our members to continue to roll up and be ready when restrictions eased.

This leads me into a paragraph of disappointment. On reopening we had some members giving the staff on duty a particular hard time by threatening and intolerant comments which were not pleasant to our staff. The staff are under strict directions from management and board to comply with the regulations required of us as a club and should be treated with the utmost respect they deserve. The risk of Health and safety compliance and a surprise inspection is a risk we are not prepared to accept. The board has to make some difficult decisions sometimes and the price increases are one, the staff are not there for some members to take their frustrations out on.

Further, the board will not tolerate any such attacks on our staff and will be treated as bullying and breach of the club rules, to be dealt with via a disciplinary committee headed by the club solicitor, no exceptions. To all our other members on behalf of the board we would like to thank you for your thoughtfulness and compliance during these difficult times, there will be some short time pain for long time gain, we have to ensure the future of the club and its ongoing commitment to our community.

Again on behalf of the board and  the members I would like to thank our staff lead by Chris, who remembering the auditing of the clubs finances was still required for which he ensured he stayed at the helm so as to comply with the auditors requirements, as well as ongoing finances and legal requirements. My only hope is that the members appreciate the works and loyalty of all of our staff to Chris and the club.

At this point in time Bowls, Snooker, some limited karate and hopefully Wheelchair Boccia are starting with more to come.

And don’t forget the restaurant is now reopened with a bright new menu including pizzas and a return of their happy staff, so come and try it out.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy welcome back.

On Behalf of the Board

Bill Bromfield