Board Communiation – November 2019

In my enthusiasm to help the club financially by creating alternative incomes with the Work for the Dole programs, I have accidently made a premature announcement about concept of the upstairs terrace cocktail bar. The board in fact has chosen to go in another direction with the WFTD boys which will add further improvements in another area of the club, so stay tuned for further updates on that.

The bowls sub clubs will be holding an OPEN DAY in the near future to promote bowls in our local area, the board has supported this initiative by the bowls clubs as it can only help increase our bowls membership.

Big day for bowls. President Mr. Barry Butters invited all of the board members to the joint bowls presentation day on Sunday. Thank you for the invite Barry and it was pleasing to see Jenny Barrie and Sarah Smith turning up to participate. Unfortunately the other board members had prior engagements on the day so maybe next year. It was a great day and it’s good to see the club working together again.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bistro 63 for the professional manner in which they presented the degustation night recently, a brilliant night was had by all and many people enquiring about the timing of the next one. The whispers are for around March.

Don’t forget that UBER subsidy is $5.00 for club members and for when traveling to and from the club. So now you can go home from work first, shower and shampoo, then come up to the club for a few drinks and a laugh, knowing that you can catch an UBER home anytime risk free.  How good is that!!!


People + Process = Profit

Peter Conlon