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All meal deals applicable to Members Only.
Members Draw, Happy Hour and Cocktail Hour are applicable to Members Only.

Members Draw T&Cs
Members must be present at the time of the draw to win the membership draw. Members must be financial at the time of the draw. To qualify for the member bonus the member # drawn must have made a purchase of food and beverage items within the club between the exact times of 6:30.00pm exactly the previous Thursday and 6:29.59pm on the day of the draw.
The membership card # must be financial and the purchase must have been made using the membership card # drawn to quality for the member’s bonus draw. If a transaction has not been made the member aligned with the membership card # who was present at the time of the draw wins the membership draw but does not qualify for the bonus draw.
The membership draw remains at $250per week, the membership bonus draw accumulates by $500 per week until claimed of the bonus draw reached $9500 where the draw must be won, on the night the draw must be won, ten membership # will be drawn with the first draw taking place at 730pm, each member will have 4 minutes to announce themselves otherwise a further draw will take place. The above terms and conditions apply to the must be won night where the member must be present at the time of the draw and must have made a purchase as above. After the tenth draw should a winner not be present the 2 closest membership # present who have made a transaction as per the above will share 50% of the total cash prize each.

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