Welcome to our new CEO

Dear members,

The board are delighted to announce the appointment of Adam Kluft as CEO, effective from Monday, 9 October, 2021.

The board have every confidence that, under Adam’s leadership, Kahibah Sports Club will be able to maintain its core values whilst becoming a led business that is actively adapting to meet the contemporary habits of Australians.

The board of directors congratulate Mr Kluft on his appointment as CEO and look forward to building a strong relationship with our members and the local community.



A message from Mr Kluft.

With an executive background across the hospitality industry including Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants and most importantly Clubs, my focus as a CEO is to – lead businesses through change to re-stabilise, grow, provide connections and position them for the future.

Having a passion for driving a culture that unifies organisational success by building teams of individuals who are aligned, engaged, performance-driven and have an appetite for continuous improvement whilst also maintaining core business values.

Knowing the heart of any club are their members I endeavour to connect, establish and follow through on commitments to cultivate a united environment for all to enjoy both now and into the future.

I welcome constructive conversation or even just a friendly chat, feel free to engage me when you see me walking around the club.

Warm regards,

Adam Kluft