Notice of AGM

Kahibah Sports Club

Revised Schedule – RE Election of Directors 2021-2022/2022-2023


Due to the extended Covid 19 Lockdown, I would like to advise the following amended timeline for the conduct of the ballot or Election of Office Bearers at Kahibah Sports Club for the election of Directions for 2021-2022 and 2022 – 2023:


Nominations Closed                       –              Friday 17th September 2021

Ballot Opens                                    –              Friday 22nd October 2021

Ballot Closes                                    –              Friday 5th November 2021

Annual General Meeting              –              Saturday 6th November 10am


Ballot operating times:

22nd & 23rd October                        –              4pm – 7pm

26th October                                    –              11:30am – 1pm

29th, 30th & 3rd November               –              11:30 – 1pm & 4pm – 7pm

5th November                                 –              4pm – 7pm

Board Vacancies

Dear Members,


Board nominations have resumed. You can request a form by emailing The Nomination form will be sent via email once we have verified your member status. 

NOTE: Only Full Members & Life Members may vote.

The form shall be made in writing and signed by a nominator and a seconder, both of whom are fully registered members of the Club, and certified by the nominee expressing willingness to accept the position for which nominated.

We need more people to stand up and be counted for the Club. 

If you believe you can add a voice and make a difference please nominate to be a member of the Board.

Nominations must be to the Secretary by September 17, 2021

COVID-19 considerations

We will conduct the AGM meeting in accordance with the Covid 19 restrictions at the time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Welcome to our new CEO

Dear members,

The board are delighted to announce the appointment of Adam Kluft as CEO, effective from Monday, 9 October, 2021.

The board have every confidence that, under Adam’s leadership, Kahibah Sports Club will be able to maintain its core values whilst becoming a led business that is actively adapting to meet the contemporary habits of Australians.

The board of directors congratulate Mr Kluft on his appointment as CEO and look forward to building a strong relationship with our members and the local community.



A message from Mr Kluft.

With an executive background across the hospitality industry including Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants and most importantly Clubs, my focus as a CEO is to – lead businesses through change to re-stabilise, grow, provide connections and position them for the future.

Having a passion for driving a culture that unifies organisational success by building teams of individuals who are aligned, engaged, performance-driven and have an appetite for continuous improvement whilst also maintaining core business values.

Knowing the heart of any club are their members I endeavour to connect, establish and follow through on commitments to cultivate a united environment for all to enjoy both now and into the future.

I welcome constructive conversation or even just a friendly chat, feel free to engage me when you see me walking around the club.

Warm regards,

Adam Kluft

Board Communication – May 2021

Dear Members and Guests,


Just a quick note to bring you all up to speed in relation to the club and what’s happening and going to happen in the near future.

Chris Gardner has resigned from his position as CEO effective as at 2 June 2021. Graham Smith is also no longer with the Club effective as at 2 June 2021.

On behalf of the Board, we wish them well in their future endeavours and we would expect that the membership will show Chris and Graham the respect that they deserve as former employees of this Club.

In the interim Cassie Bertholli and staff will continue to manage and promote the club whilst we conduct a search for the future CEO for which an advert has been placed.

We ask if you can please be patient with us until a new CEO can be appointed.



The Board

Board Communication – April 2021

Welcome to this edition of Board communications. Firstly, I must apologise for the delay in this information as the decisions made by the Board were on the day before I went on leave.

The Foxtel contract has been terminated by the club after the company had introduced a new method of charging commercial venues for their services. After several months of trying to negotiate a fairer deal Foxtel finally came back with the reply that the new charges would not be reduced.

The new charge for our club was to be $59,558 inc. gst for twelve months. A rise of approx. $18,000. The board took great care and due diligence in coming to a unanimous decision to terminate the contract. The revenue, clear of other expenses, needed to cover the Foxtel contract would be $130,450 or to put it more simply 21,742 schooners or 197 kegs. We can better spend $60,000 on the continued improvements for our club and to the benefit of all members.

Our Club is not alone in reviewing this situation with some of the bigger clubs also negating their contracts. The board took the view that the free to air coverage of Rugby League on Thursday, Friday nights and Sunday afternoon, Rugby, Football and AFL was a good compromise.

Further to this we still have the ability to show other sports through our live TV media with TAB which includes some OPTUS sports channels and also engage further with Sky Sports Vision which includes major sports such as NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball, and Premier League Football to name some.

The TAB is reliant on SKY and is, and will be, offering greater potential on their Sky Sports platform whilst they also are offering to reduce costs to try to support our industry.

The Board hopes our members understand the financial logic behind this decision and we can assure the members that the long-term financial and successful future of the club is foremost in our sometimes robust but always unanimous decisions.

On a change of direction contracts have been exchanged on our rental properties and the developer will assume control once settlement is finalised in early April. It is understood that the current tenants will be offered a short term lease whilst preparing for construction works.


Yours Faithfully on behalf of the Board and Management

Bill Bromfield

Chairman Kahibah Sports Club

Board Communication – June 2020

Well hasn’t hibernation been a fun time, no toilet paper, rice, flour or draught beer. Eventually we have been let out with restrictions, only to be confronted with a cyberattack on Lion Nathan breweries and not only interfering with the beer supplies but also their brewing thus causing a shortage of the good stuff.

During the shortage our executives have done a massive job in steering the reopening of the Club. Hats off to Graham for the background work and continually chasing and attaining supplies from other sources including generous clubs who managed get supplies before the attack.

To our Staff who volunteered to stand down’ prior to the jobseeker and job keeper programs were introduced, who willingly came in to close down the club, do maintenance and enhancements to the club and again return to prepare the club to come out of hibernation. Our executive have reduced their hours and include job sharing to try to give our club a solid start and get up and running again. The staff also completed the COVID 19 course to be familiar with the Health Department and LGR requirements. To the bowlers of the club we were one of few who maintained greens for our members to continue to roll up and be ready when restrictions eased.

This leads me into a paragraph of disappointment. On reopening we had some members giving the staff on duty a particular hard time by threatening and intolerant comments which were not pleasant to our staff. The staff are under strict directions from management and board to comply with the regulations required of us as a club and should be treated with the utmost respect they deserve. The risk of Health and safety compliance and a surprise inspection is a risk we are not prepared to accept. The board has to make some difficult decisions sometimes and the price increases are one, the staff are not there for some members to take their frustrations out on.

Further, the board will not tolerate any such attacks on our staff and will be treated as bullying and breach of the club rules, to be dealt with via a disciplinary committee headed by the club solicitor, no exceptions. To all our other members on behalf of the board we would like to thank you for your thoughtfulness and compliance during these difficult times, there will be some short time pain for long time gain, we have to ensure the future of the club and its ongoing commitment to our community.

Again on behalf of the board and  the members I would like to thank our staff lead by Chris, who remembering the auditing of the clubs finances was still required for which he ensured he stayed at the helm so as to comply with the auditors requirements, as well as ongoing finances and legal requirements. My only hope is that the members appreciate the works and loyalty of all of our staff to Chris and the club.

At this point in time Bowls, Snooker, some limited karate and hopefully Wheelchair Boccia are starting with more to come.

And don’t forget the restaurant is now reopened with a bright new menu including pizzas and a return of their happy staff, so come and try it out.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy welcome back.

On Behalf of the Board

Bill Bromfield


Board Communication – May 2020

Dear members, future members and the Community, I can only tell you how relieved we are that we finally have a date for coming out of hibernation and reopening the Kahibah Sports Club scheduled now for the 15TH JUNE.

Firstly, I would like to thank our wonderful staff, led by Chris, voluntarily standing down through this crisis and still volunteering time to ensure the club met all legal requirements required by legislation. The process to firstly hibernate the club and now to re-open was and is a rather large and tedious process as most people would realise, so please be patient.

During these testing and trying times our team of staff have stayed loyal to the Club for which we are extremely grateful and look forward to seeing their happy faces again as I am sure all of our members will too.

Things will be different when opening and hopefully in the near future there will be more restrictions lifted and life will start to come out and return to some normality. But in the meantime, we ask ALL members and guests to please adhere to the staff directions as they are following strict instructions and guidelines for the safety of everyone. There are no 3 strikes when it comes to non-compliance of government limitations and we ALL lose. Trading hours will be the first thing most will notice but this is necessary to ensure our viability; Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain.

The Board has approved the purchase of new furniture and fixings to give the club a fresh new look and feel. This process will take 12 to 14 weeks so stay tuned and look out in the near future. These improvements will further enhance the works, painting and repairs, completed by the illustrious hibernation crew.

As a board we are looking forward to the return of our sponsors and sporting support base, corporations and functions participants to ensure the long-term future of Kahibah Sports Club.

The hard sell: The Club Membership fees are currently due and shortly we will have an online (being tested) method for payment and of course over the bar when we open. The call is out for all members if due then please renew.

The Club AGM currently may be postponed (restrictions) but this will be announced by the board as soon as we feel there will be no hurdles or issues to overcome.

In the meantime, please stay safe and we look forward seeing you in the not too distant future.

Our Goal is to remain operative, stable and a service to our members and community.


Embracing, Supporting and Partnering with our Community


Bill Bromfield

Chairman KSC

On behalf of the Board, Kahibah Sports Club.

Board Communiation – November 2019

In my enthusiasm to help the club financially by creating alternative incomes with the Work for the Dole programs, I have accidently made a premature announcement about concept of the upstairs terrace cocktail bar. The board in fact has chosen to go in another direction with the WFTD boys which will add further improvements in another area of the club, so stay tuned for further updates on that.

The bowls sub clubs will be holding an OPEN DAY in the near future to promote bowls in our local area, the board has supported this initiative by the bowls clubs as it can only help increase our bowls membership.

Big day for bowls. President Mr. Barry Butters invited all of the board members to the joint bowls presentation day on Sunday. Thank you for the invite Barry and it was pleasing to see Jenny Barrie and Sarah Smith turning up to participate. Unfortunately the other board members had prior engagements on the day so maybe next year. It was a great day and it’s good to see the club working together again.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bistro 63 for the professional manner in which they presented the degustation night recently, a brilliant night was had by all and many people enquiring about the timing of the next one. The whispers are for around March.

Don’t forget that UBER subsidy is $5.00 for club members and for when traveling to and from the club. So now you can go home from work first, shower and shampoo, then come up to the club for a few drinks and a laugh, knowing that you can catch an UBER home anytime risk free.  How good is that!!!


People + Process = Profit

Peter Conlon